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December 20, 2019:  Group Commits to Buying Historic Hudson home site.  Hudson Hub Times


November 24, 2019: "Historic Hudson home has deep architectural significance." Hudson Hub Times.

















November 17, 2019:  "Deadline extended to raise money to purchase historic Hudson home." Hudson Hub Times.


The seller of the Baldwin-Buss House, commercial property and vacant land has granted an extension to the Foundation to allow additional time to raise the funds to complete the acquisition.  The new fundraising deadline is January 7, 2020.  

November 2, 2019:  BBHF Receives $100,000 Commitment.  

The Baldwin-Buss House Foundation is the proud and grateful recipient of a $100,000 grant commitment from the Cynthia Parker Matthews Family Foundation.   


Addressing the Cynthia Parker Matthews Family Foundation’s pledge, Marci Matthews, Cynthia Parker Matthews’ daughter and Chairperson of the Foundation’s Distribution Committee, said, “We feel strongly about Main Street and know our mother would want to be a part of this project by the Baldwin-Buss House Foundation.  Life in a town with a Main Street is special.  We have an opportunity not only to preserve it, but also to enhance its vitality and importance for future generations.”

The Cynthia Parker Matthews Family Foundation, in honor of Cindy, its founder, focuses on five pillars of giving: Generosity, Responsibility, Awareness, Community, and Education to create sustainable impact through invitation only grants. Cynthia Parker Matthews passed away in 2017 at the age of 81.

October 27, 2019:  "A Call to Action" by Chris Bach, Baldwin-Buss House Foundation Board Member and President of Hudson Heritage Association.  Hudson Hub Times.


October 20, 2019:  "Urges support for Baldwin-Buss House drive."  Letter to the Editor by Nora Jacobs Snider, My Town NEO / Hudson Hub Times.

My husband and I are supporting the efforts to preserve the Baldwin Buss House on Hudson’s northwest green and I urge others here to join us.

If you live in Hudson, part of the reason no doubt is the charm of our downtown. Many Hudsonites who are new to Northeast Ohio would be surprised to learn that nearby cities including Twinsburg, Stow, Solon, Tallmadge and Northfield were once equally as charming. They are now simply crossroads for major highways populated by strip centers, commercial buildings and fast foodrestaurants. At some point, their residents decided progress was more important than preserving the Western Reserve heritage they shared with our city.

It’s hard work to fight back against the relentless pressure to “improve”a city. We are fortunate that those who came before us decided it was important to save the Brewster Store at the corner of

Aurora and Clinton or fight the state’s effort to widen Route 91 through the center of town and move the clocktower. We are lucky to still have historic storefronts lining Main Street and hundreds of century homes that have not been torn down.

That aesthetic is why many of us live here and not in other nearby communities. If we allow the Baldwin Buss House to be moved, repurposed for commercial use or torn down, one of the defining structures of the Village Green will be lost. We will have sold our city’s soul in the name of progress.

The Baldwin-Buss Foundation is working hard to prevent this mistake from happening. The group needs financial support and the window to step forward with a pledge is closing fast. If you have not done so yet, visit www.bbhfoundation. org/ and make a contribution. This is a turning point for Hudson and this place matters.

Nora Jacobs Snider, Hudson


October 14, 2019:  "This Place Matters" Rally video.  Hudson Cable TV.  Click onto

October 13, 2019:  "Residents rally to preserve historic Hudson home." My Town NEO.

October 13, 2019:  "Urges support for Baldwin-Buss House campaign." Letter to the Editor by Bill and Shelley Sedlacek, My Town NEO / Hudson Hub Times.

As life-long residents of Hudson, we urge you to join us in supporting the mission to preserve and enhance the Baldwin-Buss-Merino property located on the southwest corner of the Village Green.

The Village Green properties have long played an essential role in the quality of life in Hudson. We are excited by the prospects this historic property will offer upon restoration, providing a vital gathering space for our community.

Virtually all development discussions in Hudson, beginning with the recent debates and going back decades, have focused on the importance of preserving and protecting the core of Hudson.

Development efforts in recent years have threatened this unique and historic property.

Now is the time for our community to act! We must secure the future of the Baldwin- Buss House and the southwest corner of the Village Green.

Shelley and I encourage you to financially support the Baldwin-Buss House Foundation’s mission to preserve this irreplaceable property. You can do this by visiting the website.

Bill and Shelley Sedlacek,



October 5, 2019:  The Baldwin-Buss House Foundation's THIS PLACE MATTERS rally was a successBaldwin-Buss House supporters showed up to support the foundation's missions and goals on the Hudson Village Green in front of the Baldwin-Buss Merino house.  BBHF Co-President, Donovan Husat, along with Mayor David Basil and Diccon Ong spoke to the crowd stressing the importance of preserving and protecting the historic property for the community.  

"This Place Matters" is a National Trust for Historic Preservation campaign that encourages people to celebrate the places that are meaningful to them and their communities.


































September 29, 2019:  "Baldwin-Buss home an invaluable Historic Property."  Letter to the Editor by John Debo, Jr., My Town

The newly formed Baldwin-Buss House Foundation is valiantly working to ensure that the second oldest house in Hudson, prominently located on the southwest corner of the Village Green, is saved from destruction. This now shuttered federal style home, formerly owned by the Merino family, is a sleeping gem, just waiting to be restored and repurposed for the benefit of our Hudson community.

Hudson has distinguished itself by preserving its heritage, with the Village Green a critical character-defining feature of our historic central core. The Baldwin-Buss house can be brought back to life as a gathering place on the Green for family events, education and arts programs, meetings, weddings, and village events and celebrations. Losing this invaluable historic property would be a black mark on our community and result in an irreplaceable loss of a key piece of Hudson’s historic fabric.

I hope you will join me by making a generous donation commitment to the foundation very soon, as a November purchase deadline is looming. This is our heritage to preserve! Learn more at

                                                                                                                                    John P. Debo, Jr.


September 29, 2019: "Urges support for historic home's restoration." Letter to the Editor by John and Alison Quagliata, My Town

We have pledged our support of the Baldwin-Buss House Foundation, whose goal is to acquire and restore a landmark home and property at the heart of downtown Hudson, This project is very important to the history of our community, and we are most enthusiastic about the creative ideas to highlight and revive this important structure sitting prominently on the Village Green.

Consistent with the city’s goals to preserve our legacy while preparing for the future, we believe the vision to preserve and revitalize this property will inspire others who might have plans for future projects with the need to remain compassionate to the historical value and culture of this very special community.

As long-time residents of Hudson, we are proud of its history and are excited for its future. We know that there are many community members who feel the same way, and therefore we encourage them to join us in funding this project that will merge the past and future of our beloved hometown for generations to come.

Please donate at


                                                                                                                      John and Alison Quagliata



September 22, 2019:  "Final weeks of campaign to save the Baldwin-Buss House." Letter to the Editor by Julie Ann Hanscak, My Town

On behalf ot the Board of Directors of the Baldwin- Buss Foundation, I would like to thank all the donors whose generosity has brought us closer to the goal of securing the property on the Hudson Village Green. Our vision to rescue and enhance the Baldwin-Buss-Merino property is one that will impact the quality of life in Hudson now and for generations to come. By preserving the beauty of historic architecture, developing green space into beautiful gardens that are eye appealing and tranquil, creating opportunities for arts and culture experiences, and offering event space, this project is truly nurturing Hudson’s reputation as a community that fosters preservation of historic buildings.

It’s a reputation that attracts people from all over the country to visit and enjoy the area.

Through creative partnerships that we are pursuing and an additional $400,000 in commitments by Nov. 7, we feel that this project will be a reality.

Preserving and protecting the historical significance of the Baldwin-Buss House as an asset to this community should not be lost and cannot be lost.

We invite you to join members of the Hudson community who have already committed funds by Nov. 7 to save our Village Green. Be a part of our history by preserving it, sharing it, and beautifying it. Share in the Hudson pride. For more information or to make a commitment, go to

                                                                                                Julie Ann Hancsak

Board Member, Baldwin-Buss Foundation

September 18, 2019:  "HCF awards $12,000 in grants to eight nonprofits."  Hudson Hub Times.

August 23, 2019:  "A 'return to productive use' for Hudson's historic Merino House." My Town NEO.

August 16, 2019:  "Hudson group extends deadline to purchase historic home."  My Town

August 10, 2019:  Baldwin Buss House Board of Directors votes unanimously to extend fund-raising deadline to November 7, 2019.

August, 2019: "A Good Day in Hudson."  Hudson Community Television.  Tom Vince discusses the history of the Baldwin-Buss House and Donovan Husat, Co-President of the Baldwin-Buss House Foundation discusses the mission of the foundation and its preservation efforts. ( video begins at 16:20)

July 28, 2019:  "Preserve, Protect, Prevent" Advertisement.  Hudson Hub Times.






July 22, 2019:  "Group faces deadline to preserve historic Hudson home."  Hudson Hub Times.

July, 2019:  "The Mayor's Corner." Hudson Life Magazine, Volume 22 - No. 6, July 2019, p. 6.

     "I hope you will visit the foundation's website,, to learn more                   about the Baldwin-Buss House and the foundation and to support this important effort           to preserve a jewel in the history of our community.  It is part of our opportunity to                 secure the legacy for future generations of Hudson citizens."

                                                                                     Mayor David Basil

June 29, 2019:  Informational Cocktail Party, 6:00-8:00 p.m. in Hudson. 

June 13, 2019:  "Save the Baldwin-Buss House."Cleveland Restoration Society Perspectives, (June 2019).

"For decades, the Baldwin-Buss House, popularly known as the Merino House, was hidden in plain sight on the Hudson Village Green.  Built in 1825, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful homes in Hudson, but today, its future is uncertain. A 2015 plan would have moved the house from its original foundation to make room for commercial development. Although the 2015 plan fell through, the threat of commercial development remains.


The Baldwin-Buss Foundation feels a sense of extreme urgency with their mission to raise the funds necessary to purchase, rehabilitate and return the historic house to productive use. Cleveland Restoration Society supports them in their efforts."

May 15, 2019:  "Baldwin-Buss House Foundation receives $10,000.00 grant." Akron Beacon Journal.

April 23, 2019:  "A 'return to productive use' for Hudson's historic Merino House." My Town NEO.

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