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Our Foundation​

The Baldwin-Buss House Foundation (BBHF) is a donor-supported nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation in the State of Ohio and is an independent entity.  BBHF works in partnership with Peg’s Foundation, which owns the Baldwin-Buss House and adjacent land and buildings. BBHF will conserve, protect and maintain the house in a manner that leaves it enhanced and unimpaired for future generations, and that will safeguard the architectural integrity of the historic home. The rehabilitation project will strictly adhere to the United States Department of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation.   Furthermore, BBHF seeks to educate individuals and organizations about the historic and architectural importance of the Baldwin-Buss House and to promote a communal passion for history and culture. 

Peg's Foundation

During the course of its fundraising, BBHF leaders met several times with the leaders of the Hudson-based Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation, familiarly known as Peg’s Foundation, seeking their support. When by December 2019, Peg’s Foundation learned that BBHF had raised more than $900 thousand but was still short of the funding needed to acquire the property, the two organizations quickly came to an agreement whereby Peg’s Foundation would purchase the entire Merino property, including the house, an office building and a vacant retail store.  In turn, BBHF would be able to deploy more than $900,000 from its fundraising initiatives directly towards the restoration of the Baldwin-Buss House--providing to the community a restored landmark that will educate, foster an appreciation for architecture and history, and transform the southwest corner of the Village Green.  

Hudson Heritage Association


The Baldwin-Buss House Foundation approached Hudson Heritage Association (HHA) in January of 2019 to provide seed money for the acquisition and preservation of the property. Because of pressures for development, the home's deteriorated and neglected condition and its historical significance, HHA agreed that the building must be saved and returned to its original glory. The HHA Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of support and provided $20,000 as seed money to assist BBHF in the acquisition and preservation of the property.  BBHF is grateful to Hudson Heritage Association for its early support as a financial partner.​

Hudson Community Foundation


​Prior to receiving 501(c)(3) status, BBHF formed a partnership with Hudson Community Foundation to accept commitments and donations and manage and invest them for us.  For that service and its generous donation to our campaign, we are grateful.


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