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who support  the mission and the values of the 

Baldwin-Buss House Foundation,

 and to all others in our community who have made commitments so generously.

Baldwin-Buss House Society


Cynthia Parker Matthews Family Foundation


The Lemuel Porter Society

$50,000 - 99,000


The 1825 Society
$20,000 – 49,000

                        William and Pat Eldredge                                                                             Lehner Family Foundation   

                                   Drew and Nancy Forhan                                                                                   Nat and Liz Leonard  

                                     Tim and Betsy Forkin                                                                                   Larry and Mary Lohman

                               Hudson Heritage Association                                                                                   Suzanne Morgan

                                                                                                                                                        Robert and Kathleen Russell



We are requesting that all those who have made financial commitments do so by January 31st, 2020.  

Thanks to the officers and board of Peg’s Foundation and their commitment to our community, the Baldwin-Buss House Foundation has achieved its goal of securing the Baldwin-Buss-Merino House by entering into a partnership with Peg's Foundation, formerly known as the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation, to acquire and restore the entire Merino property. This includes the historic house, the former Merino beverage store, the office building on West Streetsboro Street and the nearly one acre of land on which they sit. Under the arrangement, Peg’s Foundation, after satisfactory completion of its due diligence, will proceed with the purchase of the entire property, but it will be the Baldwin- Buss House Foundation who will restore and operate the 1825 Federal-style house. 

When we began our fundraising several months ago, our intent was to use monies raised to purchase the Baldwin-Buss-Merino property. With that financial responsibility now assumed by Peg’s Foundation, we hope and trust that it will be acceptable to allocate your donation toward the restoration and operating expenses of the historic 1825 house. The partnership with Peg’s Foundation enables BBHF to use donations to begin the restoration of the historic house as early as 2020 with a target completion date of 2021. Upon completion, it will stand as a landmark and tribute to Hudson’s rich past and will be returned to Hudson as a community asset.

There are three convenient payment options available for you to complete your commitment:


1.  You may make a check payable to Hudson Community Foundation FBO BBHF and return it to PO Box 944, Hudson, OH  44236. Click below to download a donation card.

2.  You may donate online by credit card at Under "Fund Name," select "Baldwin-Buss House Foundation Fund" from the dropdown menu and proceed with payment information.

3.  Or, if you wish to donate securities, please write to to obtain further instructions.


The Vintner's Society
$10,000 - $19,000


Harrison (Hubb) and Sally Bubb

Burton D. Morgan Foundation

Daniel and Lynn Filburn

Mitchel L. Fromm Family Foundation

Jeffrey and Angela Gotthardt

Jack and Joann Grace

Greg and Tricia Griffith

Duane R. and Pat Hills

Hudson Garden Club



Rosemary Jones

Robert and Linda Matty

Drew and Shelley McCandless

Thomas and Barbara McDonald

The Murdough Foundation

The Priscilla Graham Charitable Fund

Michael and Holli Russell

Jim and Jill Stroud

Allan M. Sveda

Frank and Polly Youngwerth

$5,000 to $9,999



Peter and Heidi Augustin

Mark and Christine Corr

Mark and Brenda Depew

Chris and Lisa Foster

Paolo and Patricia Giorgi

Jonathan and Jenny Graham

Donovan and Vi Husat

John and Molly Logan

Ginger Rogers

Bill and Shelley Sedlacek

Sam and Mary Sprunt

Charles and April Walton


$1,000 to $4,999






KC and Lisa Aiken


Christopher and Amanda Bach

David and Deborah Basil

Jim and Salli Bear

Beyond Fundraising, LLC

Marian (Molly) Bodden

Jay and Allison Bombara

Deborah Broderick

Martha Bubb

Alice Caniglia

Bill and Mary Ellen Carroll

Mike and Joan Clark

Tom and Tracy Corpus

John and Cyndee Debo

Richard and Nancy Dotson

Heather Pritchett Foster

John and Betty Franklin

Rita Frantz

Harvey and Elizabeth Hanna

John and Barb Hanna

Thomas and Iris Harvie

John and Deborah Hoover

Michael and Cindy House

Laurie Wagner Howell

Bruce & Gretchen Hubach

Hudson Community Foundation

Nadine Hurschman

Kathleen Gallagher and Daniel Hoehn

Linda Irving

Tom and Lois James

Kallstrom Family Charitable Fund

Francoise Massardier-Kenney

KGK Gardening and Design, Corp.

Ned and Lynn Kendall

Sarina  Kinney

Gary & Nancy Klein

Don and Leesa Kurdziel

John and Nancy Ledbetter

Scott and Mary Levin

 Lind Media

Bill and Betsy Lockwood

Loralee Marsh

Angus and Sally McArn

Rich and Margo Miller

Lucinda (Cindy) Newton

Shirley Noe

Cindy Nygaard

Cameron and Michelle Ogden

Diccon and Donalee Ong

Don and Patricia Molten

"Nonnie Mouse"

Gary and Connie Price

Printer's Devil, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Emery C. Prior

The Pritchett Family

Jo Ellen Pryce

Dennis and Mary Rich

Charlie and Susan Robinson

John and Ellen Ritter

George and Leah Roth

Steve Ruedrich

Monika Russell

Douglas and Lillian Miller Ryan

Robert and Grace Sauer

Kathie Sizemore

George and Nora Snider

John and Mary Siegenthaler

Penny Pritchett Smith

Caroline Stanislaw

Bill Stemple

Jane Swain

Robert and Karin Swedenborg

Ray and Nancy Tatko

Phil and Joan Tobin

Tracey, Kevin and Griffin Vaughn

Thomas Vince

Dennis Wagner

Minnie Merino Wagner

Chip and Inga Walker

Ray and Adalie Walker

Deborah Pritchett Ward

Dennis and Paula Wolff

Nancy Wood

William and Jo Wooldredge

Mary Jennings Zielasko


$1 to $999





About350 Creative

Laurie Allen

William R. Anderson in Memory of

“Charlie the Plumber” Maupin

Meg Andrus

Chris Atwater

Joe and Carole Avella

Nancy Barnes

Henry Beazlie

Art and Josie Becker

Bill and Mary Becker

John and Haley Becker

Virginia Benson

Bryan and Kelly Berger

George and Beth Bigham

Bill and Carole Bishop

Wanda Boesh

Linda Weary Bricker

Deborah Broderick

Jack and Judy Brookhart

Susan Brown

Bob and Jerri Burrows

Christian and Pam Callsen

John and Paula Campanelli

Mike and Barb Cassell

David and Susan Charlton

Steve and Laura Church

Deborah Classen

Matt & Kelly Cole

Marsha Cole

Charlie and Tiffany Cooke

Robert  A. and Susan H. Conrad

Christian Coughlan

James Cowan

George and Themis Clessuras

Bill and Gail Cordier

Joseph and Anne Cutchin

Amy Danforth

Fred & Judi Danforth

Eric Dawes

Howard Dias

David and Beverly Dorson

Michael and Gail Dowell

Robert and Lisa Drew

David and Kim Dunne

Matt Dunne

Molly Dunne

Tommy Dunne

Tony and Helene Dunne

Daniel and Joyce Dyer

Rick and Barb Earnhardt

Tamesin Eldredge

Rob Eggleton

Hugh and Elizabeth Erwin, Jr.

Ted and Chriss Esborn

Barbara Faulkner

James  Field

Betts Fitzgerald

In Memory of Don and Bubs FitzGerald

Geri FitzGerald

John and Carolyn Fleischer

Susan Gaetjens

Hardy Gieske

Vanessa Gieske

Patricia Goetz

Mariellen Good

Mike and Sharon Good

Jenny Gorski

Leslie Graham

Cliff and Tanie Griffin

Nicholas Hakes

Eric and Julie Ann Hancsak

Doug and Ms. Ren Hardtmayer

Heinen's Grocery Store

Barbara Heinzerling

Dolora Rose-Herrera

Joshua Herchi

Patti Hester

John Hornke Painting

Catherine R. Hoy

Thomas and Mary Hudson

Cheryl and Tom Hughey

Fred and Judy Ivey

Dal and Judy Jaffray

Todd Jaffray

Eleanor Jaynes

Chris and Laura Jones

Darlene Jordan

James and Amy Jordan

Judy B's 75th Birthday

David and Katrina Kelling

In memory of

Gilbert and Mary Caroline Kelling

Nancy Klar

Don and Monica Knooihuizen

Steve and Marcia Korane

Ryan and Susan Kowalske

Phil and Camille Kuri

Mrs. Bruce J. (Norma) Lapierre

Jeff and Leslie Laughlin

John Lawn & Associates LLC

Jonathan Leary

Philip and Rebecca Leiter

Barbara Leonard

Kurt and Margaret Liske

Harvey and Jodie Litowitz

Riley and Barbara Lochridge, III

Rick and Barbara Lubinski

Jon & Suzanne Lund

Dr. Charles and Mary MacCallum

Allan MacLaren

Rod and Betsy MacLeod

Laurie Main

Allyn Marzulla

Judith Maupin

Barry McCormick

Elaine Eaves McCormick

Susan McCutcheon

Matt and Missy McGinnes

J. McLaughlin

John and Susan McKenzie

Bill and Anna McLure

McMasters Family

John and Jane Miller

Meg Miller

(In honor of her sister's birthday)

Mike and Cindy Miller

Matthew and Amy Miklos

Andrew and Anne Morse

Liz Murphy and Greg Wybel 

Charitable Fund

Gretchen Myers

Rick and Christine Neff

Steve Neff

Ted Olson

Kevin Payravi

Stacie Pinover

Chris and Melissa Polak

Joel and Stacey Preston

Virginia Purcell

Anna Lee Questers

James Ellsworth Questers

Lisa Radigan


Greg and Judy Ramm

Glenn and Sharon Reichart

Tim and Genell Ritley

Larkin Rogers

Barbara Root

Marc and Angela Rosenberg

Patricia Rydquist

Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation

Pat Schron

Charles and Linda Seyfried

Anca Stoicea

Kate Schlademan

Larry and Lynn Schmidt

Shel and Nancy Schwiekert

Charles and Linda Seyfried

Erin Smith

Pete and Clare Smith

Christopher and Vicki Soukup

John Stafford

The Stein Family

Anca Stoicea

Ronald Stolle

Pamela Strachan

Jerry Strauss

Chris and Kim Strok

James Rothgery and Cindy Suchan

The Swain Family

Salli Swindell

Molly  Taylor

Paul Taylor

David and Rebecca Thiele

David and Lyn Thomas

Tiersky Family

Tom and Gail Tobin

Red Townsend

Colleen Unroe

Emily Updegraff

Brian and Denise VanAvermaete

Curt and Barbara Van Blarcum

Charles and Rachel Venti

Rich Warfield

Barbara Warner

David and Barbara Warrington Family Fund

Gary and Betsy Weimer

Casey Weinstein

Jeff and Traci Wells

Max Wendell

Jeff and Chris Winters

Monica Wolf

Nick Zaklanovich

Zipay Family

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