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"The cornerstone of Hudson's Village Green"

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Park Lane Square

Learn more about the transformation of Park Lane Square and the collaboration between Peg's Foundation and the Baldwin-Buss House Foundation. The project will restore the historic 1825 Baldwin-Buss House, create new public connectivity between the National Register Business District and First and Main District, and create a new campus for Peg's Foundation's headquarters with an art gallery open to the public.  

The Baldwin-Buss House Foundation will restore the historic home to its original footprint by removing insensitive additions and adhering to the Department of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties. Upon completion it will be a model preservation project that reflects the aesthetic of the Western Reserve and will become a community asset while promoting awareness and passion for our history, culture, and architectural heritage.  

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Baldwin-Buss House Foundation

The Baldwin-Buss House caught the attention of Hudson Heritage Association (HHA) and three of its officers in 2018. As dedicated preservationists, these officers in turn established the Baldwin-Buss House Foundation (BBHF) in early 2019 with the goal of acquiring, restoring and preserving what is one of the oldest (1825) and most architecturally significant homes in the Western Reserve region of Ohio.  Prominently sited at the edge of Hudson’s southwest Village Green, the Baldwin-Buss House once was considered to be one of the most beautiful homes in the Western Reserve.  Over time, it fell into disrepair and its beauty came to be obscured by insensitive additions. Recognizing the threat to the house and the Village Green, which together serve as the southern gateway to Hudson’s historic business district, the Baldwin-Buss House Foundation knew that the time to act had arrived.

Today, the journey has begun.  Peg's Foundation stepped in to purchase the entire property in September 2020.  With funds raised through the generosity of over 300 individuals, businesses, and foundations, BBHF is now able to deploy over $1.15 million directly towards the restoration of the historic house in partnership with Peg's Foundation.  The investment in one of Hudson's most historic and architecturally significant homes will pay dividends to the Hudson community as a blighted but strategic property is transformed into a community asset.

Thank you for your continued generosity

in support of this important preservation initiative.

The Baldwin-Buss House Foundation is a non-profit, tax-qualified 501(c)(3) corporation.


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 Preserving the Cornerstone of Hudson's Village Green

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